Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Apple Tablet News/Rumor Roundup: New Release Date Is September, New iTunes Markets, Toshiba Makes A Comment

By Benedict Wee

Let's add to the list of tablet rumors shall we? Gizmodo reports that the Financial Times has information that Apple is trying to launch the their tablets the same time as the new iPod Touches in September. It makes sense as the OCD-ness of Apple would want only two scheduled launch dates in the year (one in middle and one during the holidays).

To further back up this new rumor, CrunchGear reports that Toshiba will ramp up their production of flash memory chips during the month of August to 90%. Apple buys their memory from Toshiba so it makes sense that the increase in orders point in the direction to Apple's portables. But we don't know how many exactly they are ordering so it could just be memory for the new iPod Touches only.

The Financial Times also reports that Apple is in talks with record labels regarding a secret project code-named: "Cocktail" which will provide a full CD's worth of music instead of the current pick-a-track model on iTunes. The companies named in the project thus far are EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Group.

This report follows the other rumor that the Apple Tablet will come with a Book Marketplace that will allow you to download books (what else?) at a cheaper price (since it doesn't use paper) to your tablet. E-book readers like the Amazon Kindle are hot gadgets in the US now so it makes sense that Apple would want a piece of that pie.



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