Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Alarm Clock That Doesn't Shut Up

By Benedict Wee

I'm not the biggest fan of being woken up by my HTC Magic's alarm every morning no matter what tone I set it and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to wake up to one of these things that never stops talking.

Clockman comes in green, pink, yellow or blue but you're not supposed to choose him based on your color preference. You choose him based on your blood type.

Yup, one Clockman each for AB, A, B and O types. What does your blood have to do with being waken up by a cute-sounding voice too early to be heard in the morning? I dunno. It's probably a marketing gimmick.

If you're ever thinking about what to get your mortal enemy this holiday season, this is the present to give.

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