Friday, August 28, 2009

Nokia N900 Maemo Makes That N97 Purchase Look Stupid

By Benedict Wee

It was only 6-8 weeks ago that Nokia announced its N97 phone in New Zealand at a whopping day-light robbery price of NZ$1799 and I gave a negative Buying Guide review that predicted the downfall of the Finnish mobile maker.

Seems like I've might have jumped the gun though as their recent announcement of the N900 looks like a very promising device that might save Nokia's sinking ship.

The N900 Maemo boasts some serious hardware specs -a 3.5-inch resistive touchscreen, 32GB storage, an ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor, a 3.5mm jack, WiFi, HSDPA (3.5G)- and comes with the Maemo 5 Linux OS. Android it is not, but looking at the demo it performs much better than the Symbian OS Nokia has been flogging the dead horse with. It makes one wonder why they bothered with launching the N97 in the first place.

We might be up to our necks in multiple mobile OSs right now but I'd gladly make room for Nokia's new smartphone and its price tag -500Euros/NZ$1043- seems like a reasonable amount to pay for a decent iPhone competitor.


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  1. where can i buy nokia n900 in new zealand thanks.