Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Go Buying That Xbox 360 Yet

By Benedict Wee

Mummers around the gaming world are saying that Microsoft is going to take the Xbox 360 Pro models off the shelf and cutting the Elite model down to the Pro's price tag.

The rumor started when a mole from Ars Technica gave information that the Pro was being phased out of the market entirely.

Evidence of the Elite price drop to the current Pro's price tag have been found in a US catalogue due out on August 30th.

This might mean that Microsoft has decided to make things easier for the consumer to choose from their 360 line, one with a 120GB HDD (the Elite) and one without (the Arcade, nicknamed the "retard version" since it's the worst model you can purchase as you won't be able to fully explore all the Xbox's functionality).

It's a good thing that they've decided to phase this model out as it has been around since its launch 4 years ago and they're the ones that tend to red-ring (read: die) more often. The Elite models have newer chips which make them less susceptible to breaking down.


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