Monday, August 3, 2009

iPod Touch 'Splode, Go Boom.

By Benedict Wee

We've got a China employee committing suicide, public denouncement of the iPhone by tech-celebrities, getting investigated by the US Government for being an asswipe, vulnerable iPhone security issues, crazy statements about cell towers crashing and now, an iPod Touch explodes.

Now we've all heard issues about iPhones overheating and causing minor burns or discoloration to the white plastic models but to explode?! That is a new one.

It all happened in Liverpool, UK when 47 year old Ken Stanborough dropped his 11 year old daughter's iPod Touch, it then made a hissing noise and vapor started to appear. He threw it out his back door before it popped and flew 10 feet into the air.

He then called Apple and was shot around different departments before talking to an executive who later denied any responsibility but offered a refund in exchange for their soul. Well, not soul exactly but it was a gagging order which would prevent Ken, his wife and his daughter from ever speaking about this matter under a threat of legal action.

162 GBP/NZ$409 for a lifetimes sentence of silence was not worth it so Ken declined. He also thought the wording on the letter by Apple stating the terms and conditions of the refund was pretty disturbing.

The paper which reported this story also mentions that it was revealed last week that Apple was trying to silence stories of iPod players burning their owners.

They also talked about how a reporter in the US had difficulty obtaining 800 pages worth of documentation on safety issues regarding Apple's products as their lawyers kept filing exemptions. This despite the Freedom of Information Act which allows the public the right to obtain information held by public authorities. In March this year a boy suffered burns when an iPod Touch allegedly exploded in his pocket.

In Japan, the government has warned that iPod Nanos provided a potential fire risk with 14 cases documented of players bursting into flame and two people suffering minor burns.

Well now, a Zii Egg anyone?


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