Friday, August 28, 2009

Xbox 360s Get Price Cut In US & UK. NZ On 22nd September.

By Benedict Wee
The rumored drop in Xbox 360 prices are rumors no more! Starting today the 120GB Elite model will sell for US$299.99/NZ$437.69, the original price of the 60GB Pro. In turn the 60GB Pro will get a price cut to US$249.99/NZ$364.74 as Microsoft will be phasing out this model.

Aaron Greenberg -director of product management for the Xbox 360- has confirmed that production of the 60GB Pro model has already stopped and that they're moving forward with two models: the HDD-less Arcade (US$199/NZ$290.34) and 120GB Elite. He also confirms that the console will come without HDMI cables because of the price drop and lowered production costs.

The UK gets a similar price cut for the Elite too, dropping 30GBP from 229.99GBP/NZ$550.90 to 199.99GBP/NZ$479.04. However Microsoft is ensuring that someone else suffers a loss for the 30GBP you'll save from buying the Elite as a price hike has occurred for the Arcade model as it is now 159.99GBP/NZ$383.23, up from its original price of 129.99GBP/NZ$311.37.

No word yet if we're getting a price cut too. Chances are even if we did it won't be a drastic enough drop for us as we seem to be punished for living in a corner of the world. Update: Just got word that the price cut happens on the 22nd September. So start saving.

The current prices in New Zealand are as follows: 120GB Elite: NZ$599, 60GB Pro: NZ$499 and HDD-less Arcade: NZ$349.


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