Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Samsung M1 Media Player, An iPod Touch Competitor?

By Benedict Wee

Okay, so touchscreen Personal Media Players are going to be standard fare in the next generation of handheld entertainment gadgets I guess. Makes sense as people spend most of their lives zooming from place to place and the only way to catch up on movies/tv shows is by putting them in a player the size of your palm.

Samsung has thrown its hat into the ring and announced their official touchscreen PMP on their website recently. The M1 comes with a 3.3 inch AMOLED touchscreen, Divx video support and a built-in accelerometer. The user interface they're using is their very own (and very awful) TouchWiz which you can find on their smartphones and Telecom's F480 but what piques my interest is what is inside the player.

The site mentions that the M1 will come with a chipset from Nvidia, the makers of graphic cards for computers that power game consoles and designing programs. The prospect of playing high-res games on the PMP sounds exciting though no further information has been given about the exact model of the chip.

Also they're not the first to have a Nvidia chip running a portable. Microsoft's Zune HD player will come with the Nvidia Tegra chip and is posed as the iPod Touch's direct competitor. Am not going to talk much about that player though as the chances of it reaching our part of the world are tiny.

The M1 comes in black (for men!) with a pink version (for women!) called the R1. If you're in the market for a media player expect to have a couple of models to choose from in the next couple of months.


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