Monday, August 31, 2009

Android On Your TV

By Benedict Wee

It first came to smartphones, then Personal Media Players, then Tablets. So why not everything else that has a screen?

Sigma Designs and MIPS Technologies have come up with a prototype set-top box that runs Android and is capable of High-Definition (1080p) video. This could mean seamless connectivity between all devices that run Google's operating system which is a pretty good idea since it takes time to transfer a media file (especially a HD one) from one device to another.

Just think; you could show a video of your baby taken from your mobile on a television by streaming it wirelessly to a box top or even do a presentation on your tablet and have it display on the tv screen without wires.

It would be awhile before the set-top box hits the commercial market though as development is still in early stages, but at least we know a concept is out there which means we can wait in anticipation for it.


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