Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arrr, There Be Android Tablets

By Benedict Wee

Looks like everyone and their grandma are looking at entering the portable tablet market. Screenshots of a 5 inch device running Android have been circulating around the internet for over a week now and Gizmodo has just reported that the gadget in question is the China-made Rockchip tablet.

The Rockchip comes with 800x480 resolution and an 533/667 MHz ARM Samsung chip which runs just as fast as current Android smartphones in the market. It also has your standard WiFi and GPS connections and can decode 720p HD video.

Somehow I'm not very impressed with the specifications, the Zii Egg is a smaller player and it boasts more features than the Rockchip does which puts the tablet at the lower end of the spectrum of Android running gadgets. Size is a problem too, being caught in between an ipod Touch and the rumored 10 inch Apple Tablet makes it too big to carry in a pocket and too small to do actual laptop work on. Perhaps a low price point of the device might make it an attractive purchase though no details were given about how much it'll cost.


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