Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Really, What Do You Think About Vodafone?

By Benedict Wee

To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Ultra Touch S8300 phone, Vodafone is going to hold an exclusive party at the Zambesi Newmarket store in Auckland and they're giving out tickets to the first 20 customers who buy the phone from their online shop.

The S8300 comes with an 8MP camera, EDGE connection, a microSD slot, blah blah blah... look it's a plain ol' feature phone. It's not very interesting.

What does grab my attention is the information on the right column of the Vodafone blog (which I never knew existed) which show comments of older blog posts.

A quick click on any of the 'What People Are Saying' section brings you a list of complaints by current Vodafone users. And man are there many complaints. Here are some samples of enraged customer comments:

Quick tip: Be sure you know what links are provided in your blog as people might click them. If not you're gonna look silly.

Quick tip 2: Charging NZ$1000 for a WiFi-less, non-smartphone released to the rest of the world way back in March and trying to entice people into buying them by giving out tickets to a party is pretty silly as well.


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