Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PSP gets Minis and Digital Comic Reader

By Benedict Wee

Along with the big PS3 Slim reveal today Sony has also announced that their Playstation Store will come with an additional category selling casual games for the Playstation Portable.

PSP Minis will host a collection of games which will be cheaper than the current titles available in the Playstation Store and not take more than 100MB in space, making it ideal to store on the handheld's Memory Stick or the new PSP Go's internal hard drive.

The Minis store will launch in October with 15 games available for download. Sony hopes for at least fifty titles by the end of the year.

Another new feature announced for the PSP is that it'll be able to read Digital Comics (legally). Marvel is the first comic book publisher to enter a partnership deal with Sony to provide downloadable titles for the handheld with more companies signing on eventually. The Digital Comic Reader is set to arrive in December.

Looks like the PSP is set to follow the DSi in competing for the downloadable casual game market, currently dominated by the iPhone.


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