Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playstation 3 Slim Announced, Cheaper and Thinner (Updated)

By Benedict Wee

We speculated a fortnight ago that signs pointed to the impending revamp of Sony's Playstation 3 console and it seems that they're true.

Announced today at Sony 2009 Gamescom in Germany, the PS3 Slim comes with a 120GB hard drive and is 33% smaller and 36% lighter. And it doesn't look like a George Forman Grill (yay!). Other altered specs include a BRAVIA sync function where you can control the PS3's main menu using the television's remote, the removal of the manual install OS feature and 2 USB ports.

The PS3 Slim will be available in the first week of September and will retail in the US for US$299/NZ$442.76, in Japan: 29980 Yen/NZ$458.61 and in Europe: 299 Euros/NZ$479.50.

No surprises that we'll probably be relegated to paying for the higher end of the console spectrum since we are in the PAL region but if you got mates in the US then by all means import away since Playstation 3 games are not region coded.

Update: Looks like we'll be paying much more for the new console than the rest of the world (again) as an article on NZGamer states that the RRP for the PS3 Slim in New Zealand is NZ$629.95. Ugh.


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