Friday, August 28, 2009

Today Is Snow Leopard Day

By Benedict Wee

Apple's latest OS -set to compete against Micosoft's Windows 7- is now available for purchase. OSX 10.6 (a.k.a Snow Leopard) costs NZ$59 to upgrade for Macs with an intel processor and comes with the following features:
  • Exchange support built into Mail, iCal and Address Book
  • Exchange support is free, requires Exchange Server 2007
  • Expose built into the Dock
  • 3D rendering for the Dock
  • Recovers 6GB of storage space after installing
  • Spell out Chinese characters using trackpad
  • Safari faster than any browser on any platform (4.78x than IE8)
  • Safari Full History search allows you to Cover Flow though your browser history
  • Crash resistance feature
  • Quicktime 10 with ColorSync, HTTP streaming and Hardware acceleration
  • Edit and convert videos directly from Quicktime to export to various devices (i.e. iPod Touch, iPhone)
  • New Magnifier blows up thumbnails within Finder
The Snow Leopard launch is an international event, with the US having to only pay US$29/NZ$42.30 to upgrade their macs.

Apple - Snow Leopard

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