Sunday, August 9, 2009

Save Your Gadgets When They've Drowned

By Benedict Wee

If you've ever accidentally dunked your mobile/PMP/handheld into a body of water you'll understand how distressing such a situation can be. Should you ever go butterfingers though there may be hope for it yet.

Lifehacker reported that a Washington Post journalist managed to save his Blackberry when he accidentally plopped it into the toilet. His secret? Uncooked rice.

It is known that rice can quickly suck up surrounding moisture, by burying a soaked gadget in it there is a possibility that the liquid would be seeped out quickly before it has any chance to rust and damage the circuitry inside.

A more elaborated method to ensure the best results is taking out the battery (and other removable bits like the SIM and memory card), burying the gadget in rice with silica gel (those inedible, small white packets that come in shoe boxes) and sealing it in a zip lock bag for about a day or two.

Doesn't work 100% of the time, but what do you have to loose?


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