Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Latest Windows Mobile Market Ad Takes A Potshot at Apple

By Benedict Wee

Microsoft's latest "Race to the Market Challenge" cartoon ad has strong overtones of them taking a jab at the Apple App Store fiasco.

Good plan too, it's a perfect time for them to take the opportunity to gain some developers frustrated at making Applications for Apple.


  1. "Good plan too"--you would think so if you haven't actually read the details and been to the Windows Mobile Marketplace developer forums. Microsoft is rejecting plenty of apps themselves, and unlike Apple, Microsoft charges you $99 each time you submit, so Microsoft has a big incentive to fail your apps, namely that each time they do they get $99 and you get nothing. For Microsoft to claim that they want to make their app store because Apple is rejecting people’s apps too much is pure hypocrisy considering that Microsoft is charging people $99 each time they reject them and Apple is charging nothing!

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    My "great plan too" remark was directed towards the marketing strategy that Microsoft took. If they're screwing developers it hasn't made a big enough brouhaha to garner the attention/scorn from the public yet. This says nothing about them jumping at the opportunity at Apple's recent problems.

    If you got a link to the statements you made I would be interested in reading about them.