Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Drop The Rate Mate" Campaign Launches. Fights Against Vodafone And Telecom.

By Benedict Wee


Erine Newman (TUANZ CEO), Tex Edwards (2degrees), Sue Chetwin (the Consumer Association) have team up with Matthew Hooton, of public affairs consultancy Exceltium, to create a web-based campaign urging government action over mobile termination rates.

Inspired by a similar campaign in the UK, 'Drop The Rate Mate' aims to support the Commerce Commission's draft on recommending government regulation on artificially inflated mobile termination rates created by Telecom and Vodafone to prevent competition and maintain their duopoly.

Both Telecom and Vodafone have expressed their disagreement with the Commerce Commission's recommendation and have been trying relentlessly to discourage government intervention. Matthew explains:
"Steven Joyce (Minister for Communications and Information Technology) will be the focus of fierce lobbying by Vodafone and Telecom. This is to assure him he is backed by the New Zealand people."
A total of 8 organizations have joined the cause:
  • Airnet
  • Federated Farmers
  • The Federation of Maori Authorities
  • The New Zealand Union of Students Associations
  • 2degrees mobile
  • Unite Union
  • Consumer
The campaign will launch today with a media conference in Wellington.

To give your support and sign the petition visit their site at http://www.droptheratemate.org.nz .


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